Daily Biking Tours

aily tours offer the maximum amount of freedom and choice in any Turkish bike tour. We frequently operate centre based tours from our base in Goreme, Cappadocia- an incredibly scenic area which is fast becoming a hub for all kinds of biking experiences!

A made-to-measure full day guided road or mountain biking tour costs 230 Euros per person (1 pax), 160 Euros per person (2 pax), 130 Euros per person (3 pax), 120 Euros per person (4+ pax).

Prices good quality bike and helmet hire, professional guide, a nice restaurant lunch and car vehicle assistance if required. Good quality E-Bikes are available on request, subject to an additional charge of 45 Euros per person per day.

Tours begin at the Middle Earth Travel office at 09.00 and return at around 16.00.

To make your booking please send us an email with your requirements: info@bikinginturkey.com

Some advantages to centre based tours over residential holidays:

  • Less expensive for couples and small groups
  • Complete freedom in choosing accommodation options and restaurants
  • Choose the dates that suit you
  • Take a rest day to go sightseeing or walking and don’t pay for the biking tour!
  • Free impartial expert advice on routes, terrain and points of interest

Goreme Centre-Based Singletrack MTB Tours

Goreme’s singletrack MTB trails are becoming increasingly popular and offer world class trail biking. There are at least three days worth of world class trails within riding distance of Goreme, and if you decide to repeat your favourite routes more than once then a fully loaded week of singletrack riding becomes a real possibility. The trails really are addictive, you will not be disappointed! For the less adventurous there are also plenty of easy dirt road biking options- often linking up some of the region’s most must see sights!

Goreme Dirt Road Biking Tours (Non-technical MTB)

Cappadocia is a perfect region to cycle tour, with a well developed network of traffic free roads, sandy dirt tracks, smooth and easy footpaths and an almost endless list of sights and experiences. We have quality bikes for hire in our Goreme office, and know some excellent routes too (guided and self-guided options available). We also have road bikes and a selection of challenging asphalt tours- contact us for details.

Goreme Office:

Goreme is a small village in central Cappadocia- an area known for it’s magical lunar landscapes, “fairy chimney” rock towers, dormant volcanoes and lush, hidden gardens. Enter Cappacocia and you enter a new world- one that time has left behind. But at the same time you’ll find one of the best balances between tourism facilities and unspoilt charm. You’ll also find yourselves in one of Turkey’s best cycling destinations. Our office is very easy to find- directly opposite Butterfly Balloons on the road that goes up towards Pigeon Valley.

Cycling in Cappadocia:

Whether you plan to take a day or two to poodle around Goreme’s glorious valleys on two wheels or you’re looking for a week long journey of discovery we can help! We’ll suggest routes, free of charge to let you explore the area at your own speed. Or we can help with logistics like taking your luggage onto the next hotel. Or we can organise your entire trip! Goreme has been our home for the last 15 years and we know the area like the backs of our hands! Just contact us for advice and ideas!