Tour Grades

We use a simple grading system that gives an idea of the level of fitness and riding experience required for each tour. Tours that include an element of technical difficulty will have this clearly explained in the Itinerary and Features. Remember that grades are only ever an indicator, and often the trip can be customised to your ability, especially if you’re booking as a group or family. If you want to talk about your suitability for a certain trip please let us know.


Grade 1: Our easiest tours require some basic fitness and the ability to cycle for up to 4 hours per day on flat or easy, rolling terrain. Off road sections will be smooth and easy to negotiate and demand little or no previous MTB experience.

Grade 2: These tours demand a better standard of fitness and cycling ability, usually gained through regular exercise and cycling. There will be some hills, with a maximum daily height gain of 600m, and these tours may need you to be in the saddle for up to 6 hours per day. On MTB tours some off road experience is preferred (but not essential).

Grade 3: These tours are similar to Grade 2 but involve longer distances and/or more hills- up to a maximum daily height climb of 1000m. Road or MTB surfaces can require some competent bike handling, though for the most part these tours are still suitable for all.

Grade 4: These itineraries are designed for keen cyclists with a good level of fitness who can cope with full days in the saddle and over 1000m of climbing. MTB tours require good bike handling and some off road experience, although difficult obstacles can always be avoided. Suitable for most cyclists with a keen attitude and adventurous nature!

Grade 5: These tours really do require a substantial amount of fitness and plenty of physical fitness too! We’d expect you to have been riding (and preferably training) regularly, to have good quality equipment and the skills to use it safely and effectively.

If you are unsure, please contact us before booking!